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Fornitura e produzione di sacchi per alimenti

The sensitivity of the international market for Hygiene and Public Health, has prompted organisations in charge to establish more stringent rules in the production process of food packaging.

We can proudly claim to have been the first in Europe to implement the UNI-EN 15593 Food regulations for its products. These standards always respected in the management of the plant, even for production with no requirement for any hygiene precaution, make the operating environment pleasant, safe and capturing the attention of any visitor.

Thanks to this way of being and working we have become the top producers in Europe for powdered milk sacks.
Hygiene regulations are also internationally required for animal food packaging.
Sacks for powdered milk also represent the example of our excellence in the industry.
Now you can guarantee your product with a Food Safety Certificate, provided by European Food Law.


stampa 1

Printed in up to 10 colours

peso 1

Holds weights from 5kg to 50kg

strati 1

Up to 6 layers of paper

bocca aperta 1

Open mouthed sack

Width from 30 to 70 cm
Length from 42.5 to 120 cm
Base width from 8 to 22 cm”

valvola 1

Sack with valve with and without polyethylene

Width between 25 and 70 cm
Length from 30 to 120 cm
Base width from 8 to 22 cm

check 1

Certified sacks

Main types of multi-layer polyethylene-LDPE polyethylene sacks HDPE aluminium film:

Sack with handle

– with a valve
– with open mouth
– with heat-sealed valve

Open mouthed sack

Sack with manual external valve

Heat-sealed valve sack

Automatic valve sack

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