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everything began with an idea

We use multi-sheet paper packaging for better product storage more and more. The technology we have and our experience allow us to make any sack with the most advanced prerogatives.


a creative system

Today the paper sack has reached levels of technology to satisfy any requirements of the user industry. Resistance, bagging speed, design, content security, these are the features we are looking for and is what we offer our customers-partners every day.


sacks for food

Quality is a constantly evolving process, in line with the future. Sacchificio Veneto can boast an important prize: being the first company in the sector in Europe to have achieved UNI EN ISO 15593: 2008 Food Quality certification for its products … an advantage for us and a major plus for our customers.


naturally Safe

Safety in our production process and in the Characteristics of Primary Materials guarantee the user that the initial NATURAL features are not modified and at the same time the product does not alter the geophysical balance of the land.


we aim high

To ensure the environmental sustainability and the inalterability of natural features suited to the many uses of the sack we have all the certifications that International Organizations suggest to manufacturers of paper sacks.


evolving prospective

Our positive thinking about the future is suggested by the technological level obtained, from printing up to 10 colours, to sealed bags. Let’s not forget the eco-sustainability of the raw materials used. Today our company offers all these opportunities on international markets.

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